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6 Travel Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat

Written by: Victoria Philpott

Join the Snapchat Revolution

Snapchat has taken over. Over 9000 snaps are shared every single second. I assume you love the filters, stories and quick brisk life span as much as I do?
I’ll admit I was a late starter to Snapchat. I had it about three years ago when it genuinely was just for dick pics and 2-second sexting (not that I partook, it was just for research), but deleted it soon after. Now it’s one of the best ways to show and be shown a destination through the eyes of someone who’s actually there. You don’t have to read, search, seek or sit through long YouTube videos. Follow travel bloggers on Snapchat and the world is behind the tap of your thumb.
I’ve been travelling for almost two years now and as I’ve fallen for Snapchat these last few weeks it’s become one of my favourite ways to keep up with my favourite travel bloggers and to be inspired to see new destinations.
So if you’re looking for new travel people to follow on Snapchat I’d recommend checking out my profile at VickyFlipFlop first, and then moving your way onto these guys.

1. CailinONeil

Cailin O Neil Snapchat
She’s a silly one! Cailin loves her filters and really knows how to make the most out of Snapchat by telling stories every day rather than just fixing together a string of images and videos. She travels a lot but even when she’s home in Nova Scotia she lets her audience keep up with her plans and adventures with travel tips and advice.

2. The_HostelGirl

The Hostel Girl SnapCode
Katie possesses the kind of enthusiasm I can only dream of. As well as having fun adventures both in the UK and beyond to follow, she offers up a nugget of advice every 24 hours with her daily travel tip. As you may have guessed from the name, her thing is hostels. Follow her on Snapchat to see where the next stay will be!

3. AdventurousKate

AdventurousKate Snapcode
Kate’s just moved to New York so if you want to see a slice of the Big Apple in action from someone who actually lives there make sure to follow her snaps. I’ve been well impressed with the food choices lately. From rainbow bagels to epic milkshakes, you’ve probably never seen anything like it (unless you read her blog). After five years of travelling the world non-stop she’s chilling in her flat in her beloved Harlem.

4. BackpackerBrock

BackpackerBrock Snapcode
Brock is a great travel presenter. He should be given his own show, but I guess that’s the beauty of travel bloggers on Snapchat; that’s kind of exactly what it is. Brock has done presenting work for a few travel companies and he’s skilled on Snapchat in mixing up his day-to-day activities and adventures by showing you the best of a destination, and throwing a bit of history and culture in there too. He definitely got me longing for my time in Mexico a few weeks back.

5. IntrepidEscape

IntrepidEscape SnapCode
Scott from the Intrepid Escape travel blog is one of the more adventurous Snapchat accounts in the snapiverse (is that a thing?).
He’s a cheeky Brit and has just been in Guatemala and Belize ziplining, drumming, and cocktailing in the pool. He promises more Scott-style adventures in the USA and InterRailing through Europe over the summer.

6. TheBlondeAbroad

The Blonde Abroad Snapcode
Looking fabulous in cool places is what Californian Kiersten does best. She’s a natural on camera and ranks high as one of the most fashionable travel bloggers on Snapchat, too. She went to South Africa recently, teasing us with snaps of the vineyards and incredible views. Kiersten will show you the best of a destination, but as budget travellers you might need to skip over those incredible hotels she stays in. One day.   

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