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7 Steps to Super Chilled Travelling

Written by: Vicky Philpott

Travelling is a time to relax and enjoy yourself, and that should start from the minute you leave the house to reach your chosen transport. You’re off! You’re travelling! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for!
People are so stressy about travelling, whether it’s by bus, train, or plane. What is it about moving from one place to another that makes everyone so tetchy? Don’t be one of those unnecessarily angry people in the airport, those who seem to forget that travel is an exciting privilege that many never get to experience.Just chill.
I’ve spent the last three years travelling the world, from Mexico City to Vegas to Havana, Cape Town, Barcelona, Abu Dhabi, Bali, Tokyo – and many, many places in between. I know what I’m doing when it comes to relaxing on transport and in stations and airports. So here I am, passing on my tried and tested hard earned advice.

1. Leave on time

Travelling to the airport or train station for a scheduled departure is not a time to experiment with shortcuts and new routes. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive get there, so you don’t need to rush and worry that you’re not going to make it.
Generally speaking, get there 20 minutes before the train, three hours before long haul flights and two hours for short haul. We all know time is the most important thing we have in life, but wouldn’t you rather spend a few minutes of downtime being early than spend them fraught over being late?

2. Treat yourself

The minute you leave the house, your holiday has begun. So treat yourself – get yourself a fancy coffee at the station, buy a magazine, or pick up some new earphones. If there’s anything that will make your journey easier or more relaxed, then it’s a good investment.

3. Take earphones

Speaking of earphones, I honestly don’t think I would travel as much as I do if it wasn’t for earphones. If I’m travelling by myself I’m pretty much permanently plugged in. I like to switch off and chill out, and the best way to tune out the craziness of the world around me is with a playlist or two.
Sort your tunes out before you leave.

4. Let others go first

Those people who push past you and think they’re oh-so-much more important? Just let them go. Deep breaths and let them go. If getting ahead of you really means that much to them, they obviously didn’t pay attention to rule number one on this list.
They’re more stressed than you are, so just let them get on with it.

5. Don’t waste time

I think people get stressed and don’t like travelling because they feel like a lot of time is wasted. Sometimes, when I’m travelling by myself, I barely even notice the time because I listen to new Spotify playlists and podcasts, work on my laptop or just catch up with my favourite blogs on feedly or bloglovin. My time is absolutely, definitely not wasted.
You don’t always have to do something though. If ‘not wasting time’ means staring out the window, then do that – just enjoy the relatively limited distractions and tune out.

6. Download your important documents

A great way to reduce stress is to know you’ve got all your documents sorted.
I use Google Drive on my laptop and phone so I have access to all my important files on the go. I’ll also save a rough itinerary along with any accommodation and flight details so I know what I’m doing. Make sure to save them offline so you can still access them without WiFi and 4G.

7. Enjoy letting go

One of the best things about travelling and learning to chill is the freedom it gives you to relax and just enjoy the view. Try to let go and take advantage of an opportunity to kick back. Pretty soon you’re going to be arriving in a new place, and you’ll be the one in the driving seat, so just chill out and enjoy.

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