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Around the World Planner

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Written by: Cormac Scanlan

Organising a trip around the world isn’t as hard as it seems, but there’s lots to think about and it can seem daunting at first…
That’s why we have created this around the world planner. It takes you step-by-step through everything you need to sort out, points you in the right direction at every turn and generally makes life easier. No pressure or anything, you don’t have to download it, but, well, we did make it especially for you…

Save you time

Everything you need to plan your trip is in here or on gapyear.com – no need to read hundreds of books, trawl loads of random websites or waste time faffing around if you don’t need to.

Save you money

The company selling the RTW tickets will find you the cheapest rate (all travel agents use similar flight engines) and if you use the offers, discounts and tips in the advice provided, then you can save quite a lot of money. Loads more offers are coming, we’ll let you know.

This planner will help you:

Sort out your dream trip (we’ll give you advice where required), buy the right insurance (a necessary evil that you have to do!), buy the right travel kit & gadgets (we’ll stop you taking the wrong stuff), help you sort your money out (we show you how much stuff costs) and survive your First 48 hours in-country.
So print this off, hole punch it if needs be and stick it in a folder. More importantly, use all the charts and ‘quote assistants’ we have supplied and write notes everywhere. As for the folder, use it as a base for all those bits and pieces that you might lose. Anything relevant to your trip – stick it in here!
You are about to download the “Around the World Planner” provided by gapyear.com. If you really like, or even really dislike the article, we’d love to hear from you. Your feedback will help to make these articles and guides better. Enjoy!
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