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How to Squeeze in a Holiday

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Written by: Helen Winter

How to have a holiday when time and money is short

5 top tips for fitting travel around your busy life

There’s nothing worse than sitting at home, scrolling through everybody and anybody’s holiday photos. Sometimes it’s not always possible to take a week or a month off to visit an exotic destination, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go on at least one holiday this summer.

Take a weekend break

So the Friday flight out and the Monday flight in may not be the cheapest option, but it’s definitely the most convenient for the weekly worker. Have a browse at some cheap flights which are leaving from an airport near your workplace, then simply take your luggage to work, gloat all day about your holiday, and leave after work for an evening flight. All you have to do is fly back to the same airport Monday morning to be in work before you start! No holiday time off needed, although you’ll probably max out your coffee allowances.

Travel solo

If you can’t get a friend, partner, family member or the neighbour’s cat to join you on a last minute trip then just go by yourself!
The thought of travelling on your lonesome can seem daunting but solo travel allows you to really make the most of your time on holiday. You could save money if you stay in a hostel – which will give you company and there’s only you to please – and you can do what you want, when you want. If you want to explore rather than sit at the pool – do it! If you want to go to the museum that your partner would hate – do it! You’ll be amazed by how much freedom solo travel gives you.

Travel with friends or family for better accomodation

Okay, so this is the opposite of what the point above says, but when it comes to accommodation, more means less. If you have some friends or family who are in the same situation as yourself, then try and encourage them to join you for a weekend away so that you can split the costs. This way, you can rent a whole apartment or villa for a minimal price. Most of these will also have kitchens and swimming pools so you can save money by staying at your accommodation with good company and a full kitchen.

Don’t travel far

A holiday doesn’t always mean being a globe trotter. Think  ferry to France, train to Brussels, or flight to Denmark. Basically, stick to where’s geographically convenient for your location. This means that the journey will not only be short, but the transport to the destination will be cheap, allowing you to fit it in your schedule and budget. Just because a country is close by, doesn’t mean you can’t discover a diverse culture and cuisine.

Have a domestic holiday

Alternatively, you can stay even closer by holidaying at home. By that we don’t mean your back garden. We mean a two+ hour drive to somewhere a bit different. Visit the coast if you live in the city or, the countryside if you live by the coast. Just having a change of scenery will do you some good. The great thing about domestic travel is that you might be able to stay with your friends and family, all you have to do is switch on the charm and that’s accommodation sorted.

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