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How Will You Manage Your Travel Money?


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Written by: Judith Cousins

Planning your adventure can be just as exciting as going – researching what to see and do, counting the days until you go, packing your bags 2/3/4 times to check you are within the weight limit – but what about your money? Have you thought about this – do you take cash, travellers cheques or do you plan to take your debit or credit card? Have you thought about a prepaid travel money card?
There are pros and cons for all. Travelling with cash or travellers cheques means you know your money will be accepted, but it can seem daunting. What if it gets lost or stolen? How do you hide the cash you’re not taking to the beach, and how do you plan to keep a track of your spending? Let’s be honest, you won’t keep your receipts and calculate your daily spending!
Debit and credit cards have the security, but when your next statement arrives and you see all the fees you’ve been charged, it may make you wish you had left it at home!

These days it really does pay to be savvy with your money. There is another option. The Young Traveller Cash Passport may just be the answer you’re looking for….
Cash Passport is a prepaid, travel money card that you can load with money before and top-up during your adventure (and you can even use any left over money when you return). It is Chip and PIN protected and has no link to your own personal bank account, making it the safer choice to carrying cash or travellers cheques.
The Card has the ability to lock in the exchange rate at the time you load money and has the option to carry just 1 or up to all 7 currencies, making it the smarter option over credit or debit card.
And to help keep you on track with your spending, you can download the handy mobile app or use the online portal to check your balances and transactions any time, any day- as much or as little as you like!
What’s more, Cash Passport is accepted at over 37.1million locations worldwide, including over 2.1 million cash machines, wherever the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed*.
And that’s not all…for those who might need a hand, Cash Passport has the support of a UK-based Card Services team available 24/7/365, and the networks they have means they can get a replacement card and/or emergency cash to you (if you’ve got some left on your card) if your card is lost or stolen. Bonus: less stress for you!
There are also exclusive MasterCard offers you can sign up to through Priceless Cities.
Whether you’re travelling for a week or planning a year-long adventure Cash Passport is the easier, safer and smarter option for your money.
For more information or to get a card now visit: Travel Cash Passport

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