Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Inspire Positive Change

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Written by: Rebecca Thomas from Raleigh International

Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Inspire Positive Change

2014 is the year to change your world for the better

At Raleigh International we believe that young people have the energy and enthusiasm to create positive change. We know that young adults are motivated to do something important with their lives and have the energy to change their world for the better.

Raleigh International recently released a survey demonstrating that young people are not as selfish as negative stereotypes would have us believe. In short, as we knew all along that young people are more concerned with global and local issues than materialistic gain.

Young people in numbers…

The study saw over 1,000 young adults across the UK aged 18-25 questioned on their biggest concerns; their goals for the future, attitudes to volunteering, helping others and the issues they believe need addressing in society.

Nearly 9 out of 10 respondents said they feel the need to help others and 91% aspire to do something of importance with their lives. The survey also revealed that nearly three times as many young people were more concerned that millions of people around the world are living in poverty (46%) than worrying about having a nice car (17%).

Your top concerns included the gap between rich and poor (41%) and that society is living beyond its means and future generations will suffer (38%). While almost a third of you are worried about climate change and the fact that not enough is being done to protect the environment.

Raleigh International

So we know that young people do care about what is going on in the world and want to do something about it but not everyone does. A 2009 survey by Children and Young People Now that found that 76% of press coverage about young people is negative and a 2008 vInspired Survey found that 39% of adults are unaware of the good things young people do. Do something with your new year to show them!

Yes, it’s a new year and a new start, and we want to inspire you to do something of worth in 2014. Something positive. Something that dispels negative stereotypes of young people. Something active. Something to help others.

Raleigh International is a sustainable development charity. We challenge and inspire young people and communities living in poverty to work towards sustainable change. Our programmes focus on access to safe water and sanitation, protecting vulnerable environments and building resilient communities. We work in Tanzania, Costa Rica & Nicaragua and Borneo and run expeditions which 17-24 year olds can join as a volunteer for 5, 7 or 10 weeks. If you are over 25, we also have volunteer manager positions available.

How are we different?

Raleigh is unique. We are a charity whose focus is on driving sustainable development through young people. We work in partnership with NGOs and project partners in each country. This means volunteers know they’re making a positive contribution and will be contributing to projects that will benefit communities and environments for generations to come.

Volunteering with Raleigh International

Dougie 18, volunteered on a Raleigh International expedition in Costa Rica and Nicaragua on his gap year.

“Raleigh gives you the chance to do things that you would never get to try at any other time in your life. We worked hard on the projects together with the Matapalo community in Nicaragua. To go from watching my host ‘Mum’ struggle in her daily life, carrying a 25 litre water can to the river numerous times a day to seeing her turn on the tap 4m away from her front door at the end of the project was incredible.I feel that through Raleigh I have had my eyes opened.”

Rachel Collinson, Head of Recruitment, Delivery and Communications said, “At Raleigh we believe that by working together communities and young people are inspired to build a better future. Our expeditions support a diverse range of volunteers to work together to create positive change. All you need is an open mind, commitment and a desire to change your world for the better.”

Find out more and apply

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