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Money Saving Tips for Would-be Travellers

Written by: Kar Cheung

Money Saving Tips for Would-be Travellers

Planning ahead can save you some cash

If you’ve always dismissed the idea of taking a gap year, chances are your reasons are money related. Or more to the point, having a distinct lack of it. This type of reluctance is understandable, because who wants to work all the hours under the sun just to save up for a few months living the dream and enjoying it?
Well, a quite lot of people it seems! Despite everything our better judgement (or our parents) might tell us, travelling is almost impossible to ignore. That’s why hundreds of thousands of young people go travelling each yeah, and that’s just from the UK!
If you’re torn between your desire for travel and having a social life, there are ways you can find the funds without living on next-to-nothing for a year. It might take a little more time and forethought, but trust us, when you’re getting the tan of a lifetime laying on a pristine beach in Thailand, the pre-trip build up will seem nothing but a distant memory.

Save your pennies

Although a pocket full of coppers might not seem like much now, you’d be surprised how much money you throw away in loose change throughout the course of an entire year.
Think about it – if you were to add up all the change you get from cups of coffee and gossip magazines, you’d probably end up with quite a substantial amount. So instead of offloading it, keep your pennies in a jar. Better yet, if you live with other people make it a communal event and split the funds after six months or a year. You’ll have saved up without even realising it!

Live at home

You’ve probably got plans to move out of home as soon as you’re financially able, but sadly, money saving and complete independence just don’t mix. Unless you really need to for uni, our advice would be to stay at home while you’re saving up for your gap year. It might seem a bit cheeky and a bit like a prison at times, but with your parent’s generosity you’ll be able to save so much dosh while free from the constraints of rent, bills, food and washing powder (have you seen the price of Ariel lately?)
Alternatively, if you’re a student planning a gap year before heading into the world of work, try to curb unnecessary spends, or if you insist on ordering takeaways, you can get 4 pizzas for £5 each to save on Sunday night.

Money saving tips for would-be travellers

Give up luxuries

Speaking of takeaways, along with cigarettes, cappuccinos and club entry-fees, they are a type of luxury that could be sacrificed for a few extra pounds in the bank each week. We’re not suggesting you live like a complete monk in the meantime, but by cutting back on the things which make a big dent in the weekly budget, you’ll be able to really get going on building your funds.

Stock up early

You might not even know where you’re going yet, but even if the idea of a gap year is still a mere fancy, it could be well worth snapping up any deals you see in the shops ahead of time. So if you see reduced travel accessories in Argos for a cheap backpack, make the purchase there and then! You might not get the same item for that price ever again, and by staggering the amount you spend on these types of items you could really help your overall savings plan.
You don’t have to be rolling in it to consider a gap year. By budgeting wherever you can – and as soon as you can – before long you could be well on your way to… well, wherever your wanderlust may take you!

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