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My Top Tips for EXIT Festival in Serbia

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Vicky Philpott

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Written by: Vicky Philpott

EXIT festival in Serbia is a relatively small festival – great news, as it means it’s easy to get around and there are plenty of toilets for all. The festival starts at around 3pm, but I never got there before 9pm – it’s an all nighter festival and one of the worst things you can do is to peak too soon, but if you’re more hardcore than me you go ahead.
Our days were spent on the City Beach, with all the other festivalgoers and all the ridiculously hot Serbian women. Not what you need to see after drinking your body weight in beer the night before. City Beach has DJs pumping music and water sports all day long up the Danube. There are also a few pretty sweet restaurants around there offering steak dinners for the least I’ve ever paid.
Exit Festival Fusion Stage

Drinking at EXIT

Back to the festival and I can assure you you’ll love the quirkiness, especially if you indulge in a little raki on the walk there. The locally produced spirit drink will get you in the mood for a rave, if it doesn’t make sure you knock back a few jagermeisters from the street sellers before you go in as the only alcohol available in there is wine or beer, and you can’t take any booze in.
When you get there you’ll find a token system for the beer tents so you’ll need to change your money before you get the rounds in. By the last day I literally could not stomach another Tuborg, neither could anyone else – people were just giving their vouchers away.

Dancing at EXIT

The dance arena was incredible. It was shaped like a huge bowl so everyone could see the main stage with the calmer kids at the back and the crazy moshers up at the front. The layout of the fortress meant there were a few naturally formed smaller spaces where lesser-known artists could still create an atmosphere and in the audience we could feel the music pumping through our tired bodies. That was another great aspect of EXIT festival actually, the fortress walls meant the sound was cushioned and you didn’t lose the volume like you sometimes do at other outdoor festivals.
EXIT festival in Serbia

Eating at EXIT

There were plenty of food options at EXIT festival, not that I tried any, too busy raving. I might’ve splashed out on a pick n mix on the way home one day from what I remember but that’s about it. As I’ve said, the food in Novi Sad was incredible. Tasty and cheap – just what we needed.

Sleeping at EXIT

Tried and tested tip for you: book a cheap apartment in Novi Sad for a few hours sleep every day, the camp site is too hot for even a wink.
Another tip for you: don’t bother trying to sneak any drugs in. We pretty much got strip-searched, plus the Serbian drug laws have tightened in recent years and are now super strict.

Getting to EXIT

Getting to Novi Sad was easy on the bus from Zadar, and exploring on foot was simple too. When we’d had enough the taxis were cheap, although reportedly obscenely hiked for the festival.
EXIT is a great value festival and if you book early and in a group it can be even cheaper. When you’re there food and drink is much cheaper than at home and you’re pretty much guaranteed sun – in fact,  I need to get booking for next year.

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