A Guide to Shopping in Malaysia

Written by: Pau-Lynn

Heya girls, I’m Pau-Lynn from Malaysia and this is my guide to shopping in Malaysia! Mega sales take place in Kuala Lumpur in March, August and December and I tell you, you’ll go bonkers seeing those bombarded prices! As I’m born and bred in Malaysia, I thought that I’d help you girls sort out your ‘shopping itinerary’.

Head to KL’s ‘golden triangle’ of KLCC (look out for the beautiful Petronas Twin Towers), Lot10 and Sungei Wang for the best bargains when shopping in Malaysia.

Any of you who are interested in getting a decent sandal for trekking, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve found a shopping mall where the renowned trekking sandals brand TeVa are sold at sale prices. You might be wondering whether I’m mad to suggest such pricey sandals, but here they’re knocked down to around £7.50.

Where to Find Them

Isetan 1st Floor Men’s Department at KLCC (Petronas Twin Towers)

Time to replace that old bikini? Then head on over to any Mambo shops in KL for Aussie surfer style at amazingly low prices…

Shopping in Malaysia

Mambo at KLCC or 1-Utama

Yes, we have Topshop in KL as well! Actually, five of them! See, shopping in Malaysia’s not as bad as you think! I’m not sure what you girls will think, but Topshop/Topman isn’t really cheap in KL (though it’s cheaper than in the UK). They have some good sales too, but do look out for faults. I almost bought a nice Mambo top until I saw some concealer stains on the neck area. If you’re a petite lass you’ll have to hunt deeper as most of the clothes on sale are larger sizes. Ooh yes, and Miss Selfridge have sales too!

Topshop/Topman at KLCC, Midvalley or Lot 10 (Bintang Walk/Star Walk). Miss Selfridge at Midvalley.

Not bothered one bit about brands and all that? Then head on over to Sungei Wang (located at Bintang Walk ) where you’ll be welcomed by hundreds of shops. Take note that some of the clothes there are rather trashy – you’ve really got to dig in to get to the nice ones.

If you’re into vintage cameras like those ’50s cameras, I can suggest a photo shop in KLCC located right in front of the LRT train station (KL’s underground train system, like the Tube). This has great half-price sales.

Debenhams in Times Square (near to Bintang Walk) have good sales too, but personally I hate going into Times Square. It’s too big and I reckon that only a quarter of the building is occupied. It’s nice to see but it’s really a waste of your time if you’re planning to shop there.

I went a bit crazy during the August Mega Sales… I love shopping in Malaysia. I bought loads of half-price Mambo, Topshop and Zara gear – and can you blame me?! In fact I only really shop when there are sales on – like most of you guys, probably, I’m saving up for my gap year trip!

Have fun shopping in Kuala Lumpur…

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