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A Guide to Social Network Conduct

Written by: Dave Owen

How to Use this Site Properly

We want gapyear.com to be the best social network out there for gap year backpackers, travellers and volunteers, and there’s loads you can do on the site; you can discuss ideas and advice on the boards; write blogs about your adventures; share your backpacking photos and create travel events.
To be an amazing place for travellers to connect with each other, we know we have to step back and let you guys get on with doing all this stuff. However, sometimes that ‘stuff’ goes over a line and we have to get involved.
So what’s over the line? What’s likely to get edited or deleted by the moderators or administrators? What could get you banished from gapyear.com, forcing you to live out your days in the gap year wasteland?


Spamming isn’t cool. Irrelevant accounts, blogs, galleries, events or posts will just be deleted. Spam dilutes all the quality content from members. It’s totally against online etiquette and if we see it we will kill it.

Don’t become an advert

There’s a fine line between recommendation and unsolicited promotion. If you genuinely want to recommend a hostel, backpack or tour that’s fine, but if you’re using your account to plug stuff your company sells we’ll probably need to edit out the sales pitch and links.

Keep it legal

Avoid posting any potentially libellous claims. We’re all about free speech, but if you make accusations about anyone without evidence or pursuing the appropriate legal channels we might have to delete or edit your content.

Talking about our friends

gapyear.com is part of Flight Centre Travel Group. We won’t delete your comments or ban you for saying you got a deal cheaper somewhere else, but obviously defamatory or libellous posts will be taken down.

Occasionally tone it down

gapyear.com is a place for adults; often adults that have got out there and experienced the world. But it’s also a place for young and inexperienced adults. If you think the tone of a thread has descended to an inappropriate level, try and rein it back in.
Keep the community fun and friendly

Mind your language!

We’re okay with the occasional expletive to spice up a blog or board post. However, excessive swearing isn’t cool. Blogs, posts and photos will be edited if they contain more than one or two uses of the f-word, and the c-bomb should never drop anywhere on the site.

Don’t be a racist prick

We’re not the political correctness police, but any type of race hate or derogatory terms on gapyear.com is not happening. Even if it’s about the Welsh. Critical references to nationalities are broadly acceptable, however if the tone comes across as prejudiced, racist or aggressive the content will probably be deleted.

Don’t be a homophobe

Gay people travel. If you can’t deal with that find another travel social community or keep it to yourself; any derogatory references to sexual orientation will be swiftly cut and we’ll be having words…

No porn

Pornography or graphic sexual chat is not allowed in blogs, photos or posts no matter how entertaining it is. Anything that is illegal has no place on gapyear.com.

Don’t be a sex pest

Posts or blogs by solo travellers asking for travel mates implying a sexual relationship is either required or desired not be tolerated. Gapyear.com is not a dating site! If you message other members with these requests you’ll probably be banned.

Avoid drugging up the community

People take drugs on their travels, but we can’t allow any board posts, blogs or photos implying that drug abuse is condoned. It’s cool to ask genuine questions about drugs and travel, but any discussion of the coolness, availability or best quality of drugs is over the line.
Don't get aggressive with other members

Respect religion

Any posts or blogs that mock religions will be deleted. Open discussion is absolutely fine, but aggressively attacking someone’s spiritual beliefs has no place on gapyear.com.

Trolls will be killed until they die

We don’t like trolls. Persistently starting or joining threads with the sole aim of provoking other members is not cool. Remember: debate is healthy and arguments can sometimes be fun, but if you’re just out to wind up other members it’s likely to result in your posts – and possibly even your account – being deleted.

No one likes a bully

The entries above pretty much cover all the major and explicit offences you can commit on gapyear.com, but there’s subtle behaviour that can be totally uncool too. Excessive criticism of other members or persistently undermining their knowledge and experience will be frowned upon.


That’s pretty much it. We don’t want anyone to avoid uploading content or interacting because they’re afraid that the mods are Nazis or the admins are Nazis with hats on. We all just want to make sure that gapyear.com is a positive, friendly and fun place to be, and free from the stuff above.
The easiest thing to do is just use common sense. Deciding what’s offensive is subjective, but before posting anything controversial think: ‘could this upset people?’
If we ever edit or delete your content and you don’t like it, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to chat about why your stuff was amended.
If there’s anything you’re still not clear on you can check out out full site Terms & Conditions.

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