The World’s Top Travel Hangover Cures

Written by: Monica Stott

The Community Tells Us Their Best Hangover Cures

Drinking can be a big part of backpacking, and after a few months on the road you’re going to need these helpful hangover cures to make sure you don’t waste a day of your gap year feeling rough.

We’ve been asking our members for their top travel hangover cures and to see if they’ve picked up any weird and wonderful remedies on their travels.


If you know it’s going to be a messy night then you need to start preparing a few hours in advance to avoid that nasty hangover. Begin by drinking a couple of pints of water to make sure you’re hydrated and have a big, carb filled meal to line your stomach.

Get paracetamol ready before you go out drinking

Before you leave the house, make sure the path from your front door to your bed is clear to avoid any drunken stumbles and put a glass of water and a couple of paracetamol next to your bed in preparation for the morning.


You’re going to be tipsy by this point so I’ll make it simple so it’s easy to remember:

  1. Try not to mix your drinks too much
  2. Drink as much water as possible or a minimum of one glass for every two alcoholic drinks
  3. Eat as much food as you can get your mitts on


A big breakfast is a great cure for a hangover

So you’ve woken up in a cloudy haze with a thumping headache, a churning stomach and a mouth that feels (and smells) like something died in there. You’ll be tempted to stay in bed for the remainder of the day but if you follow the advice from our members you’ll be feeling right as rain in no time.


“Bacon and eggs and brown sauce with a cup of Yorkshire tea.”


“Get a really hot shower and go to the cinema to watch any movie (which takes your mind off feeling like crap and gets you out of the house). Buy the biggest sugar-free drink you can buy (Coke Zero is my favourite) and drink the entire thing over the 2-3 hours with two paracetamol. Salt popcorn (or something savory) to balance your salts and you’ll walk out of the cinema a different person.”


“Cold milk. It’s cool, refreshing, and filled with nutrients and proteins. I swear I have guzzled this straight from the carton after a heavy night.”


“Flat coke and ready salted crisps. Open the coke before the night out to ensure you have flat coke ready when you wake up.”


“For most of my travels around SE Asia I was protected by drinking 2-3 bottles of “Pocari Sweat” – A Japanese sports drink – before bed. A Kiwi introduced me to it just before the Full Moon party and I’ve never had a hangover since.”


“Marmite and a swim in the sea!”


“I’ve discovered roasted pepper soup does the job. If not, tomato will do.”

Remedies around the world

It seems that our members favour salty food and lots of fluids, but if that still isn’t working for you, here’s how party-goers around the world recoup the following morning.

Chinese tea is the perfect travel hangover cure

Xing Jiu Tea – China

This Chinese tea is filled with herbs like ginseng that promises to revitalize, energise and detoxify. The hippy inside you will also be pleased to hear that ginseng will calm you and purge your body of excess ‘Yang’.

Citrus armpits – Puerto Rico

The fresh and fruity Puerto Ricans believe that rubbing the armpit of your drinking arm with a lemon will help prevent a hangover. This is thought to help prevent dehydration and the horrible headache that follows.

Pickled eyeballs – Mongolia

In Outer Mongolia, the best cure for a hangover is thought to be pickled sheep eyeballs served with a glass of tomato juice. We’re not so sure.

Sheep lungs – Ancient Greeks

The Ancient Greeks would recover from a big night out with a breakfast of sheep lungs and owl eggs. We think we’d rather stick to bacon and eggs.

And if all else fails, forget all this nonsense and get back out on it! Nothing cures a hangover like a beer or three. For a little while, at least.

About the Author: Monica Stott

Monica Stott

Monica is the social media specialist and content writer for She’s a Twitter addict, travel blogger, iphoneographer and all-round travelaholic. She took an extended gap year after uni, spending eight months in South East Asia and over a year travelling and working in Australia. She worked on a diving island and drove all the way around the coast of Australia in a rusty old campervan. Her favourite destination is Thailand where she spent two months scuba diving, practising yoga, parting during full moons, half moons, quarter moons, black moons (any excuse for a party) and eating far too much Thai red curry.

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