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Video: Culture Shock USA! Advice for Asian Students in America

Written by: Dave Owen

Culture shock can be one of the most difficult things about travelling abroad. Before you leave you might be so busy calculating how many pairs of pants to pack that you don’t think of what you’re going to eat, whether you should tip in restaurants, or if it’s normal that this stranger is hugging you.
Arguably the most severe culture shock comes when moving between western countries like the USA and Asian countries like China. Our booking partners StudentUniverse have put together a refreshingly honest video about what Asian students moving to America can expect from their new home. Watch it below.

It’s a really fun and useful guide, covering everything from greeting people, to food, to how to dress, and more.
From now on we plan to always offer Chinese people a cup of hot water. A beautiful friendship is bound to follow.
If you’re heading to university this year, there’ll almost certainly be Asian students in your dorms and classes – this video could really help you make them feel welcome. If you’re travelling to Asia, it might help you fit in better.
Look at it this way: make friends that live in Asia, and you’ll always have somewhere there to stay for free!

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