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A Gap Year in South Korea

Why go backpacking in South Korea?

South Korea is a country full of culture, advanced technology, and a modern life style, whilst still holding on to its Korean heritage. This under-the-radar country has an incredible amount to offer backpackers, with some of the best ski slopes in Asia, huge cities, traditional Korean food, and a beautiful coast line.

The capital city of Seoul is home to 25 million people, which is over half of the country’s population. There is so much to do and try in Seoul. For South Korean cuisine and an unbelievable amount of shops, visit the Myeongdong: Hyper shopping area, where you can shop both over and underground, and visit dog cafes where you can order a coffee, and a dog to play with. For a modern-day Korean encounter, you can even experience the cheesy wonder of K-Pop at the Hologram Performance Hall. Yes, it’s actually a place to watch the holograms of popular South Korean music artist do a show – they even talk to the audience!

The influence of the USA on culture here means it’s less daunting to visit here than, say, China or Japan, yet South Korea maintains a flavour all of its own.

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Popular sights in South Korea

If you’ve had enough of the shoulder-bumping city, just take a 40 minute metro ride out of town to head to Bukhansan National Park. Here you can hike various trails up mountain peaks to get an incredible view over the whole city.

If you want to get even closer to nature, make a stop in the Jeju region. Grab your boots and trek through the forests of the Hallasan National Park, cycle along the stunning beaches of the Udo Island, wander through the mighty Manjang cave or the Volcanic Jeju Island with it’s fascinating rock formations.

South Korea is also one of the most popular destinations to teach English as a foreign language, so there are plenty of opportunities to work and volunteer here.

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