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Weather in Australia

Weather in Australia

People are often shocked to find that it’s not hot all of the time in Australia. Saying that, there isn’t really a bad time to visit the country as regards to the weather.
The north has a tropical climate, with a hot, humid and wet summer, and a very dry and hot winter. Temperatures average 30oC year-round. Due to this tropical climate the north can be subject to cyclones and freak weather conditions. Best to avoid these.
The Daintree Rainforest in Northern Queesland
The east and west coast start off hot at the top and progressively get cooler the further south you go.
The south has a temperate climate, with cool winters and hot summers. The cities of Adelaide and Melbourne can get chilly in winter and you’ll need to wrap up. It very rarely snows however, unless you’re in the mountains.
The seasons of Australia are the opposite of Europe, so summer runs from January to March. The rest follows suit.
The clear blue skies and perfect climate is one of the things that can make Australia so attractive to visit. The hottest recorded temperate stands at 53.3oC so beware…
Sydney in winter (yes, winter!)

Average Max: 28oC
Average Min: 17oC
Rainy days a month: 12
Don’t forget your: sun cream
Average Max: 30oC
Average Min: 23oC
Rainy days a month: 17
Don’t forget your: waterproofs
Average Max: 35oC
Average Min: 24oC
Rainy days a month: 6
Don’t forget your: sun hat
Average Max: 15oC
Average Min: 8oC
Rainy days a month: 11
Don’t forget your: warm top
Average Max: 25oC
Average Min: 13oC
Rainy days a month: 9
Don’t forget your: tropical quilt
Average Max: 27oC
Average Min: 7oC
Rainy days a month: 2
Don’t forget your: sleeping bag


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