A Gap Year in the Cook Islands

Why go backpacking in the Cook Islands?

The Cook Islands are an exciting new gap year destination. This is a place for genuine backpackers in search of Pacific culture and lifestyle – there are no high rise hotels on the Cooks; just a relaxed pace of life and good times. This is Australasia at its most chilled.

Spread over two million square kilometres in the South Pacific, the 15 islands that make up the Cooks will attract backpackers and travellers after more than the typical beach holiday. The Cook Islands offers awesome diving, great hospitality and a super laid back, relaxing attitude.

The Cooks are broadly divided into two groups. The remote Northern Group of islands comprise of six beautiful lagoons surrounded by tiny flat coral atolls. Manihiki supports the largest population in the Northern Group, with around 1,000 people from a total population of around 19,000.

The Southern Group of islands has about 90% of the total Cooks land area. They’re volcanic and have fewer coral atolls. Rarotonga, the main island with the capital city Avarua, is the largest island.

If you’re heading to Australia and New Zealand on your gap year, make sure you also check out the Cook Islands – it’s not something you’re likely to regret…

Things to do in the Cook Islands

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