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Drinking in the Cook Islands

Drinking in the Cook Islands

The national drink of the Cook Islands is tumunu. It’s traditionally brewed alcohol made from fermented oranges and is drank all over the island.
The legal age for drinking in the Cook Islands is 18 – although the rumour is this isn’t heavily enforced.

Beer in the Cook Islands

There are two microbreweries in the Cook Islands – Matutu and Cook Islands Brewery – which both produce a range of delicious beers. Go. Drink. And be merry…
Keeping the beer cool can be an issue if you’re planning on drinking in the Cook Islands though, the resorts are probably your best bet, but you can’t count on it.

Wine in the Cook Islands

Wine is an expensive drink in the Cook Islands because of the import tax. Also, just note that drinking on the streets in the Cooks is totally illegal.
Remember that the Cook Islands is a deeply religious country; you won’t be able to find alcohol for sale on a Sunday in a supermarket anywhere. If you do fancy a drink on the sacred day head to a resort or restaurant for supplies.
All bars are required to close at midnight, except on Friday nights when they can stay open until 2am on Saturday morning.

Tap water in the Cook Islands

Don’t drink the tap water in the Cook Islands – stick with bottled to stay safe. You could also take some water purification tablets if you really want to save money by drinking the water out of the tap. Beware of the ice too.

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