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Food in the Cook Islands

Food in the Cook Islands

Make the most of the local produce while in the Cook Islands. There’s citrus and tropical fruits, island chestnuts and garden vegetables in abundance. Seafood features on many restaurant menus and so does coconut as the coconut palms produce a supply of fruit all year round.
Food and Drink in the Cook Islands
Umukai, the national speciality, is a traditional Polynesian feast which involves baking food in an underground oven, and is usually accompanied with traditional entertainment by local people.
A few of the local specialities are:

  • Ika mata (raw fish) with coconut milk, finely chopped vegetables – It’s delicious!
  • Umu food (prepared in the traditional earth oven)
  • Curried eke (octopus in coconut curry)
  • Rukau (Taro leaves, usually cooked with coconut cream)
  • Poke (cooked fruit pudding) (banana, pawpaw) with coconut milk.

You’ll find all of the above at the market in Avarua.

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