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A Gap Year in Samoa

Why go backpacking in Samoa?

In many ways, Samoa is the perfect holiday destination for those seeking the tropical island experience; an ideal spot for backpackers and flashpackers looking to really get away from the grind. Backpacking in Samoa is a real treat.

It remains well off the tourist trail, a fact essential to its endearing charms. It has all the assets of the most popular beach destinations: dreamlike beaches, opalescent seas, wild jungles and more, yet has avoided the encroach of lifeless resorts.

The result is a remote island paradise, its isolation mitigated by its sense of adventure, its authentic, welcoming Polynesian culture, and its astounding natural beauty.

Samoans are generally welcoming of tourists and keen for them to enjoy their laid-back way of life. Travel in Samoa can be a pretty cost effective way for gap year travellers to get a little paradise island action without breaking the bank. Its waters and white beaches are stunning and its volcanic islands present opportunities for mountain exploration in a region with lush rainforests and photogenic waterfalls. There are also opportunities here to volunteer with the native wildlife.

Backpacking in Samoa might be one of the greatest things you’ll ever do.

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What to see in Samoa

You mean what we wrote above wasn’t enough to get you booking. Alright, let’s see if we can convince you *cracks fingers*

If you’re travelling in the Pacific region, maybe around Australia or New Zealand, Samoa is the perfect destination to take some time out and recharge your batteries. There are islands like Namu’a, where no electricity means you can sit in a fale (sort of an open bungalow) on the beach and watch the shifting colours of the sunset before the oil lamps are lit. Manono Island has banned dogs and cars, allowing you to circumnavigate the island in completely peace, and To Sua Ocean Trench is an iconic swimming spot, an azure swimming hole that feels secluded from the whole world.

Of course, there’s plenty more to do than just relax. Apia is Samoa’s largest city, which might not be saying much, but it does have restaurants, markets, and nightlife spots. If you can drive, you might well base yourself here to explore the rest of Upolu.

You can also go snorkelling at Aleipata’s reefs, climb a volcano via 4×4 to visit Mt Matavanu Crater, or head to the Alofaaga Blowholes to watch the locals blast coconuts like cannonballs.

Have we convinced you?

That’s the beauty of Samoa – without a reputation preceding it you can be surprised every single day of your trip, and whether you want to relax on the beach or have an adventure unlike any other, there’s plenty in Samoa to keep you satisfied.

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