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15 Minutes of Fame: Did You Do a Language Course Abroad?

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Hi gappers,
As some of you will be aware, Macca is away, gallivanting across South East Asia, so I’m (temporarily suspending my jealously and) popping a Macca-shaped-hat on and appealing to you for case studies.
Have any of you good people been on a [strong]language course abroad[/strong] before going on to travel or work overseas; and if so would you be willing to be used as a [strong]case study[/strong] for a piece in one of the national papers? If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!
Let us know by dropping a short reply to this thread describing [strong]what you did, where you did it, and when[/strong]. The journalist will then have a look through the thread to pick a few studies and I (or one of the other guys here) will get back to you via instant message to put you in touch with him (and maybe get you 15 minutes of fame). Simple!
Thanks and good luck!


Not sure if this will qualify, but I took a Korean course abroad (in Korea) while I was working there (not before):
Korea Foundation Cultural Centre free Korean for Foreigners course, levels beginner-intermediate. Taken in Seoul, South Korea from around mid-2008 to late 2010.


I did a month-long TEFL course in Krabi, Thailand 4 years ago. I still have the certificate and it still helps me to get work!
Since then I have been teaching English as a full time job in Thailand, Korea and now China.


We went to a school in Ecuador to learn Spanish before going to work at an animal rescue centre.
I was there for 2 days before deciding life was too short and just chatting to locals instead in bars, etc.
Picked it up much easier that way than by being sat in a room learning ridiculous statements like “I clean my room on Tuesdays.” Much better to go to a bar and learn things like “That’s my drink, you sneaky fuck”.


What happened with this then? I hate it when GY.com do shit like this then never post a follow up.


Hey Lunny,
Sorry buddy but the journo at the Independent hasn’t published his article yet.
They always do this – say there’s a massive rush and then sit on it for weeks.
I’ll let you know when it’s up though bud…

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