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A month to kill before travelling…

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So I know this may sound a little pathetic but, I leave in November.
I’m working until the end of September (I have a seasonal job) and then I have an entire month to kill. No job, all my friends are either abroad, at uni or still at school, and I don’t really know what I’m going to do to pass that time between finishing work and going travelling!
Has anyone been in this situation and got a solution? Or even got any suggestions as to what I can do in that month of October?


Go to Morocco. Give you a taste of travelling but there’s cheap return flights and prices are pretty cheap out there so won’t break the bank.


try and earn some extra cash ? rather than spend it, earn it.
Volunteer to do some gardening or something, sure people will pay ya some cash for that


Yeah sign up for temp agencies or find some ways of making extra money, it will mean you can afford a few extra activities or beers when you’re away!


If it were me;
My brain says volunteer somewhere, charity shop or something. Keeps you busy and is worthwhile…
… My body says lay in bed for a month and play on the playstation.


I’d be tempted to get a months part time job. Even if its just a paperround… the tenner a week would surely be spent wisely on your travels. And to spend time with family before you leave.


definetly look for a bit of part time work m8,
i left for my travels 15 month ago and b4 i left i had 5 weeks off to do wotever
i thought,well i have my money saved so il just chill out b4 i leave,if u aint at work its so easy to dip into your funds, my last 2 weeks b4 i left i spent a fortune in the bar with m8s n that,just because i knew i wasnt gona see them for a while, the money i spent then could have helped me out more on my trips.
its prob a good thing that your friends are all away cus if theyr like m8s they had me out everyday b4 leaving!
even if the job doesnt pay well,it will save u money as u wont b out tempting to spend


you could sign on for JSA at the job centre- that way if you don’t find a job for the 4 weeks you may still get a little bit of extra money before you leave.
(you do have to sign on twice during that time and look for work) but may be worth considering.


Good idea Daisyd 🙂 I’d go for that option. Extra £50 a week or so would be great. All you’d have to do is hand in CV’s to places to prove you’re job seeking.


clear out your room, and sell things on ebay, this summer i made about £400 on ebay from things lying around that were no use to me anymore.

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