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A month to kill before travelling…

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if your under 25 you will get about 51.85 so for not doing much you will be able to get another £200.
(If you are over 25 you will get £65.00).

Alongside this you can do ebay/bootsales etc so may get a lil bit extra. All in all it may give u a few more pennies 😀


I am in a similar position and am trying to find as much free stuff to do in my local area- almost like having a holiday here. I am a qualified teacher so do supply when I want it but the rest of the time I borrow my parents national trust card and visit the houses, go for walks and have a picnic. Also visiting local museums and free events put on by the council. I am really enjoying finding out about where I have lived for 25 years!
I realise this makes me sound very old but I am only 25!


I don’t know if any of you willl even care but I’ve just applied to do some volunteering at my old primary school to get some experience with little kids – just incase I want to do some nannying while in OZ!
Thanks for all the advice 🙂

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