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Accommodations for solo travelers on board?

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Hi guys,
So, I am going on a solo trip on a blount small ship. I have heard that it is a beautiful and unique experience to travel on a small ship. I have been to many places since I love travelling. But, I am an introvert, and enjoy my own space and my own company. Since I don’t like being with too many people around, I wonder if I would like it on a small ship, because there will be people all around. But I want to experience the same as well. I have heard that you could get single cabins onboard. So, I amlooking for accommodations for solo travellers . Any help guys???


I am not sure about the places over there but i could say you one thing buddy that Solo travelling is the best part and in fact i am a solo traveller and i just love to be like that. If no one responds to it then let it be because being a solo traveller many times we found our own path so we can do it now 🙂

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