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Advice required please…..

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Aye aye folks!
Not really in a pickle,however iv’e been racking my brains over this for a while now and any comments would be appreciated.
Im currently in Brisbane and having a grand time! Sadly my visa runs out in January and i’ll be getting booted out the country. I plan on going back to Asia for a couple of months and then i fancied Canada.
The problem i have is i want to be home by next Summer to watch the world cup with my mates,see the family,do the rounds etc as by that time i will have been away close to two years.
So im looking to get some work outside the UK to keep me occupied and tie me over untill then.
However im not sure where to go! Id rather not go home before the Summer. Im not ready too. So i guess im asking where the best place to go for that few months would be,bearing in mind i will need to work.
Cheers folks!


My advice would be to save your canadian visa until after the summer, as it is not renewable. You should be able to find work in europe, even if you don’t speak the lingo, then you should be able to get some farm work?


You could go to ireland – thers feck all work, but you will have fun!!!Im sure you could pick up bar work or smt


Not a bad idea really! Iv’e did nothing but drink with the Irish anyway,may aswell live there for a while 😉
I feel physically sick just thinking of going home…..

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