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Any info on Indonesia!!

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Looking for any info on Bali and rest of Indonesia! My friend and I are traveling south east asia then onto Indonesia and spending a month there and want to know what to do with that month, best places to see etc!


You should get a copy of the lonely planet guide, it’s given me loads of info and ideas! My friend went out to Indo last sept and said the island Flores was his highlight.:-)


There are two places that are an absolute must in and around Bali.
The first is Ubud, just north of Kuta, in Bali. Very relaxed atmosphere, good food, great shopping, and lots to do.
The second is the Gili islands, just off Bali. Great diving and a superb place for a party. One of the up-and-coming party islands in SE Asia !


Were thinking of spending a month in Indonesia, do you think this is enough time? And what sort of budget just ball park.. xx


I was in Bali last November and agree with Macca that the Gili Islands are a must. They are too far to go for a day trip so maybe spend one of your four weeks going between the three islands.
I was in Bali for 2 weeks and stayed just outside of Kuta and found that this was enough time to be there.
As for your budget, it really depends on what you’re looking to do but I can tell you that Bali isn’t as cheap as you might think!


Hi there,
I spent 1 month in Sumatra, 3 weeks in Java and 10 days on Bali. I loved the people and culture on Sumatatra (and I can give details of a wonderful guide who is now a good friend in west Sumatra, Bukittingi) On Java they were a bit more hardened to tourism and not quite as friendly, but Gunung Bromo was one of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve ever seen. Bali was beautiful and relaxing (many many more westerners and much more like a holiday than the other places). I recommend Sumatra most highly of all the places, I did a two day jungle trek to Lake Maninjau where I stayed for a couple of days, hired some bikes and cycle around the lake (the bikes barely held together, half the fun 🙂 ) and climbed up Gunung Merapi through the night to watch the sunrise over Bukittingi. It was amazing to listen to all the mosques sending out their morning calls while being situated above the cloud level, looking across to the adjacent volcano.
Let me know your specific questions and i can try to help. Please also let me know if you want to meet my friend in West Sumatra – his name is Hendri Hen and you can organise by email in advance what you would like to do. I can also post some facebook photo albums if you want to get a feel for places you are thinking of going. just let me know.


Sumatra wins hands down, best part of south east asia, let alone Indonesia!!


Sumatra sounds nice 🙂


Go there! One of the few places I would go back to.


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