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Any info on Indonesia!!

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Definitely have a look at Flores, the highlight of Indonesia for me.


hey I’m Wayan Sumatra from Bali,I’m Balinese,a Lot thing that most interested place in Bali you can see. Bali famous with our beautiful of natural like vulcano,lakes,rice field,our culture ceremony, temple, Bali Local Activity and life stily,museum,and tourist activities like water rafting,trekking,water sport…and other which are you interesting about? so I think, it s ok if you try…..just contact if you like to know more about Bali at +6285 739 081 954 or to my email: bali_primitif@yahoo.com
see you in Bali


forget about Bali or Gili, go to Raja Ampat Island at Sorong Papua! (THE REAL HEAVEN ON EARTH!) this is the new top travel destination, and its one of top 3 for the best in the world! maybe its way more expensive, but i tell u its worth it!!
[url=http://www.diverajaampat.org/ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]http://www.diverajaampat.org/[/url]


I’ve just got back from spending 3 and a half weeks travelling through Bali, Lombok and Java in Indonesia.
Budgest wise, if you’re coming from mainland SouthEast Asia then get prepared for a shock, stuff is easily double the price. I remember the first thing I went to book was a boat to Gili Trawangan and nearly having a heart attack when they were quoting $50 – after spending about £9 for boats between the islands in Thailand!
But of course there’s always the cheap way to do it, it’s just a bit harder.
I didn’t go to Flores but I’m gutted that I didn’t have the money to get there, everyone says amazing things about it.
The Gilis are just paradise, if you just want to chill for a few days then think about going to Gili Air instead of Gili Trawangan, accommodation was cheaper and it was like your own private desert island!
Lombok – the Rinjani trek is supposed to be one of the best ones in the world, but if you’re not feeling up for it (like I was) I’d suggest spending a night in Senaru, which is a little village up the mountain side, it’s beautiful and has breathtaking views. I also met some people who really enjoyed staying in Kuta on Lombok which is practically the polar opposite to Kuta on Bali.
I actually thought the Javanese were actually more grateful for the tourism than the Balinese and those on Lombok. I went during Ramadan so I think a lot of tourists had avoided Java, worrying that it would be hard to get by. I thought they seemed a bit more genuine than the Balinese.
Jogjakarta was actually my favourite city, and Prambanan was one of the most impressive monuments I saw on the trip. Sunrise over Mount Bromo was also a highlight!
Oh and one last suggestion, if you ever go to Sanur in Bali, book ahead and stay at Big Pineapple/Bali Best Hostel (it has two names) It was the nicest, friendliest place I stayed at for the whole trip. It’s run by an Australian and his Indonesian wife and they practically take you into their family for the time you’re there. Everyone I met there ended up staying longer than they meant to!


Ubud is nice.


I’m going to Indonesia for 3 weeks at the end of January and I will look up some of the tips on this page now as potential locations. Also, if you have any more to add please let me know!


[quote-0 author="Garybliss123" date="1356230731"]I'm going to Indonesia for 3 weeks at the end of January and I will look up some of the tips on this page now as potential locations. Also, if you have any more to add please let me know![/quote-0]
bali (of course)
yogyakarta (central java) you must go there
raja ampat (papua) good spot for diving maybe, i never been to, the most expensive spot in indonesia right now xD
and maybe you should go to kei, southeast mollucan (my dead hometown i never been to xD ) they have powdery sand beach


Any places in Bali are very wonderful. Just take a [url=http://id.easybook.com/travel-surabaya-bali rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]travel surabaya bali[/url], then you can enjoy the panoramic side of bali through land.

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