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Best Movies of 2014

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So, this one is pretty self-explanatory. What do you think were the best movies of 2014?
I think the best I saw was Nightcrawler. It had a great atmosphere (akin to Taxi Driver), a really strong central performance, and had some really original ideas. I bet it gets totally ignored at the Oscars.
I also really liked Mr Turner, The Babadook, and, um… my mind has gone embarrassingly blank now. Help me out?!


A few really decent films have come out recently. I really enjoyed the Imitation Game and Under the Skin particularly.
If The Wind Rises counts (it was released in Japan in 2013 and in the UK in 2014) I would definitely rate it high on the list — a beautiful end to a fantastic career for Hayao Miyazaki!
Top of the list though – probably Interstellar.
It’s not often a sci-fi film like this [em]— one with a solid grounding in quantum physics and using a 5-dimensional tesseract to send Morse code backwards through time —[/em] manages to get widespread acclaim! Bravo Mr. Nolan!

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