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I’m off on a RTW starting in Australia, going to NZ then LA and Vancouver and NY and then back home in November. I am a really keen photographer, do it as a job, and am quite good 😉
Getting to the point, my dad bought me a DSLR camera for xmas, I love it, take it absolutely everywhere with me and it barely leaves my side. Do you think it would be a good idea to take it travelling??
Obviously I’m worried about it getting stolen, but Im so used to carrying it around with me and looking after it…I’m not sure?!
Thanks guys 🙂


Definitely take it! I took a DSLR to India for 5 weeks last summer (it was basically brand new and I could just about work out a couple of manual settings lol) and the only problem I had was other people bumping into it in a crowd. Since you know how to use your DSLR, you’re good at photography, and you’re used to taking it on the move with you … it doesn’t make sense to [i]not[/i] take it travelling! Think of all the great shots you’d miss out on. You’ll be fine.


We’re having a similar dilema, although we havent bought the camera we want yet. We both have point and shoot cameras but are thinking of getting a panasonic lumix fz38 as the pics from it look fantastic. We’re just not sure whether it will be a pain to carry around as its not the size you can just put in your pocket.
If you have yours already though I would definately take it, see if you can get extra insurance for it, insure and go are quite good they will add additional items to your policy for a small fee and then your mind is at rest.

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