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Cheap beach stop over on route to New York?

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Aye aye folks.
I’ll be on my way to the states after new year but looking for a good break lying around and drinking cocktails before i get to -55 temperatures. I’ll be flying from Perth Oz.
Any reccomendations?
Infact it doesn’t even have to be a beach. Im not that much of a lounger anyway. More somewhere fun to get hammered. Cheers folks.


Not too much really around NY that time of year
Where are you flying to in America from Perth, straight to NY?
If you are flying via LA Santa Monica is nice but won’t be that hot at this time of year, maybe fly via Miami


close’s i can think of is miami really cool place def recomed it!
should be hot that time of year to i was there in dec 08 and it was red hot!!
but like kenny said if you fly to LA there is santa monica & san diego

if you not after beach’s austin in taxas is a really cool place its the live music capitol of the world some really cool bars & hot/warm all year!

hope this helps!


Go to LA, then take a bus south to San Diego (couple hours) – Misson Beach/Pacific Beach is the ultimate beach party destination dude. Awesome weather too. You can head down to Tijuana, Mexico on the tram to party as well.

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