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Coaching sport

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Hi Guys

Have just got back off a voyage on the tall ships and it has made me realise i want to something more in my gapyear than get experience and work (although i’m surprisingly looking forward to it!). So does anyone know of any placements that last for about a month (strange request but need to fit in with work) like coaching sport or something in Australia or NZ or somewhere like that???

Thanks alot

Amy )


Check out CCUSA on their website http://www.ccusa.com as they do coaching sports especially in America – they actually have all there placements on the Gapyear.com website which is cool! They are a great company too as have used them previous!


GAP SPORTS offers a minimum of a 5 week placement, so you can fit it in with work much easier. Placements run all year round, so you can even fit it in the summer holidays.

Fancy Costa Rica, Ghana or South Africa coaching sport?
Check out our placement lists below



Heyy I’ve done some amazing sports coaching projects with http://www.volunteervacations.co.uk – I know their website is being updated at the moment but it still has all the info on it, its a small, personal company that makes sure you get what you want out of the project.

I did the placement in South Af 2 summers ago and cant recommend it enough – as well as spending 5 weeks coaching sport, I also had the opportunity to teach in schools and visit orphanages if I wanted to. I also went on several safaris, some are included in the price, did a road trip to cape town with friends, spent the weekend surfing in Jeffreys Bay, went shark diving, bungee jumping, sky diving, spent a night in a slum (provided by the placement so it is safe but such an eye-opening experience!) – just so much! There were about 30 other volunteers my age so it was so much fun as well as a really amazing experience.
Anyway sorry i could go on about it for ages! Have an incredible time wherever you go and feel free to ask any questions! xx


Hey there are some great projects out in the Caribbean. Check out http://www.caribbeancoaching.org they do a range of sports in St Lucia and St Vincent & the Grenadines.

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