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Me and my girlfriend are planning to go travelling in SE Asia for 6 months. We thought a family member was going to look after our dog while we were away, but due to health issues that’s not really possible now.

I’ve done quite a lot of searching, but can’t find any suitable long term dog boarding. We don’t want her in kennels and can’t afford to pay a fortune. Just wondering if anyone has any experience or advice to give to help out.



Could you put a note on gumtree or if you have a local site? I’m sure someone would love a dog for six months? Or what about just asking your Facebook friends? Also, could try your local newspaper – just put an ad in there?

(Bit retro!)

People always talk about how they want dogs but don’t want the commitment, sure you’d be able to find someone… :coolsmile:


Also, I’m not sure where you’re based, but there’s a thing in London called Borrow My Doggy, which ties into the ‘wanting a dog, but not the commitment thing’.

I’m not sure if it’s a long term thing, but might be worth investigating too.

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