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Economic Expeditions-too good to be true?!

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hey just wondering if anyone has used or heard of economic expeditions?? theres an overland tour they do, from nairobi to cape town, for 57 days for £510!!! seems incredibly cheap compared to other companies who charge a couple of grand!!! 😯 i cant find any catches, u have to pay for a lot of ‘optional extras’, but if u look closely at some of the more well known companies u have to do that with them too!!! if anyone knows if theyre good that wud be awesome!!


Never heard of them meself, but then I’ve never looked.

Try Googling ‘economic expeditions blog’ and you’ll probably find personal blogs from people who’ve travelled with them.

I found a couple. One’s here:


That chap didn’t travel with them, but came across them during his trip.

“The two trucks from Economic Expeditions were in N’Djamena at the time and had heard the same news. Some of their passengers had been to the French embassy in town and had been told pretty much the same, that there was no way we could even bribe our way across the border. We decided to get on one of their trucks for the ride out to the border, expecting to meet up with our own truck at some point. We found out why Economic were so much cheaper than Oasis too. Old bus seats with no headrests, trucks falling apart”


Hi. Writing this in 2011 and too late for Niknoo who wrote in 2008. Hoever, I thought I’d post for people who may look in the future…

… A friend and I stumbled across and advert for Economic Expeditions in the back of a magazine and travelled with them in our gap year in 1995 (yes – that long ago…). They were fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend them for a trip (I did Kenya to SA).

Re the comment from Tomarvelle, “Old bus seats with no headrests, trucks falling apart”. Possibly(?) but then we all found them perfectly comfortable and I can’t remember anyone having any issues.

I think if you’re young and looking for a great time with similar people you will truly enjoy them (NB some of the other more upmarket and expensive operators) have smaller groups and the other people can be more middle-aged – 25-45. I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed that at the time. The young folk we saw on such trips looked bored.

You’re young; you’ve got plenty of time for middle-aged trips in the future. Travel with Economic Expeditions this time! (I saw this thread when searching the internet for something else; I feel so “right” about it, I even signed up to this web-site to let you know). I hope someone in the future reads this and it helps them choose a great trip). I’m not on commission (clearly! I work doing something else); but will keep an eye on this thread for anymore feedback from others. Enjoy


You sound like a sales person who was googling yourself and decided to put on a… I am a traveller too and thought they were great post…


Jamiebale – seriously not. Just trying to help with a bit of friendly advice


Just wanted to put out a quick post after my travels round africa. i have had lots of advice from gapyear.com so thought i would add my 2 pence worth…

I went with a company called http://www.africantrails.co.uk who i had never heard of up until i googled them about a month before i went. I have to say i found them absolutely brilliant.

i usually travel independently so this was a big departure from what i am used to but the locations i went to and the timescales meant that this was the cheapest and safest option for me.
i came back about a month and a half ago and i wish i was back on the road.

the trip is very basic and involves bush camping, building fires, sleeping in villages and cooking your own meals. real adventure stuff. i went from morocco all the way down the west coast to south africa and then up the east coast to egypt, through jordan and syria and finished in turkey.

i have to say that this is a perfect way of meeting locals and getting up to all sorts of adventures that you wouldnt get on a more catered for operation. this way you help with everything and its a big family type feeling. i would recommend this trip to anyone.

i built a website as soon as i got home to display all the pics i took so if you want to get a feel of the continent feel free to look up: http://www.pichaafrica.com


I travelled with Economic Expeditions in 2003 and had the best time! The fact that the bus was not the most up to date meant I ended up travelling with like minded fun-loving travellers who were there to see the wildlife and the country without sitting on a throne. Our small group from Economic Expeditions joined up with African Trails as they were linked in some way, so we actually ended up having the same tour for less money 🙂

I stumbled across the post as I was trying to find Economic Expeditions again, to potentially do another tour, but sadly it looks like they no longer exist. I guess African Trails ‘brand’ was enough for them. Same company anyway.

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