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Favourite Foreign Snack Food?

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Apologies if this is already a thread somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.
Most people see sampling local cuisine as one of the best parts of going abroad, and I absolutely to agree – but for me the best local cuisine comes off the shelf in a petrol station or corner shop.
I love trying snack food that you can’t get in the UK! I’m one of those hopeless travelers that gets super excited about seeing a slightly different kind of Kit Kat.
Recently my friend who lives in China brought me back some QQ Candy:

They’re just really tasty jelly sweets, and I ended up yamming through eight bags in one day. Now the candy is gone, and I am sad. It definitely tastes better than that scorpion on a stick I ate in Beijing.
So what’s your favourite foreign snack food?


For me, Mee Goreng noodles – Korean, I believe, but I discovered them in Australia. Just phenomenal. They show Pot Noodles to be the flavourless imposters they are.


Not really a snack but 100Plus, some kind of Malaysian isotonic drink, drank it all the time – love it!

Helen Winter

I loved Jolly Ranchers when I was in the US. I’ve found places in the UK selling them but I can’t justify spending so much on an overpriced bag of sweets.
Although going back to the US to have them will definitely be a lot more expensive.


Burger Rings from Oz. Don’t ask me to explain it but I can guzzle down a bag of them.
Luckily, I work with a lot of Aussies and they bring me back bags when they go home!!


I love Tim Tams from Oz, and now Mexican style tacos, not Tex Mex, Mexican.
I also like those Principles biscuits you get in Europe. Deelish.


I love the Jagung Bakar in Indonesia. It’s like sweetcorn, but on the street and absolutely slathered in butter, or even sometimes condensed milk. Well nice.


My friend gets his cousin to send him the peanut butter M&Ms; from the USA. So fucking addictive.


Callier chocolates from Switzerland. I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else (although I think you can get them online, but they’d be ridiculously overpriced).
There were these sesame type buns that I ate all the time in Greece that were amazing. They also had bars of them with honey. No idea what they’re called, but anytime I see them I buy them. (which is unfortunately rare).
Plum-filled dumplings from Slovakia.

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