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Free things to do around the world!

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So i thought this would be helpful.
Post on here things that you’ve done while travelling that have been free, or ways of making things free or considerably cheaper. Anything at all will help.
Il start with some
-IN Chengdu, China you can get into pretty much all the sights free, all you
have to do is go to Hong Qi supermarket opposite Wufou temple, and ask for the panda card. It wasnt actually free but it cost 1 yuan(10p) and got you in everywhere free. Saving you hundreds of yuan.
-The Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, a bargain because its free entry, free accomodation and free food. A budget travellers dream. A small donation is advised.
-Tuesdays in San Diego,USA is free museum day in Balboa park, every week a few of the museums let people in for free on a tuesday.
Any more entries appreciated!


– If you have a laptop, wifi is free in most parks in Hong Kong (and in the airport).
– The Hong Kong laser light show is a must-see, as is the Avenue of Stars.
– Virtually all hostels in China offer a free pickup from train stations, bus stations etc. (In my experience anyway)
– Buses in Maui, Hawaii are free apart from a couple of routes where they are $1.
– Hostal Amigo in Mexico City offers free walking tours and a museum tour (subject to minimum numbers). They also give free breakfast and dinner!
– Oaxaca, Mexico. On Calle Francisco Javier Mina, stores offer free samples of the delicious chocolate!
Hmmm, will update if I can think of any more.


– The Canadian Parliament tour in Ottawa, an hour and a half of information and totally free.
– Local court cases. Not done myself, but met someone who regularly went to the public galleries on court cases when he travelled and said it was quite fascinating.


For the few on there not from the UK, in London all National museums and galleries are always free.


[quote-0]For the few on there not from the UK, in London all National museums and galleries are always free.[/quote-0]
Its all over the UK I think? Certainly up here in Liverpool there’s lots of good free museums and galleries.


Its all over the UK I think? Certainly up here in Liverpool there's lots of good free museums and galleries. [/quote-0]
Yeah it’s all over the UK x


In St Petersburg the hermitage is free to everyone either 1st or last thursday of the month i think its the first and students using ISIC can get quite large reductions on entrance frees.


Anything is free if you’re light fingered/quick enough.


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– Free all-day bike hire in Himeji, Japan at the train station. Staff speak English.

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