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Hair care whilst travelling – your views

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At gapyear.com we have published a number of articles in the female travel series. One article, ‘what to do with your hair whilst travelling’, has proved to be very popular. We are looking to expand this article to include more user comments. Your views on what you care about.
If you have any unique hints and tips on hair care, and feel you are a master on the subject, then send me an e-mail at [url]msherifi@gapyear.com[/url].
If you could include your name, age, where you live, any photos of your hair whilst travelling, and a short piece, say 250-500 words long, it would be greatly appreciated. We are looking to publish those who e-mail with the best pieces.
I’m looking forward to reading some of your responses.


A buff.
A decent hat.
Lush shampoo bar which is compact and lightweight.
Oh… and for those ladies who take hair straightners… just head to Taiwan or China where you can have it profesionnally straightened for around £30… no need for straightners ever again. Until the hair grows back of course.

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