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How to travel across Australia

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Hey guys,

I’m hoping to go to Australia soon, but I don’t really know the best way to travel around there. I havn’t planned a route yet, but I’d like to see some of the cities, as well as go more central and see the outback. I really want to see Uluru!

The problem is that I don’t drive, which I’m guessing makes it a lot more difficult.

Anyone got any tips?;-)


Hi Swain!

I would say a mix of plane rides and buses is a good choice. Some places are too far away from each other and you’ll spend too much time if you are on the road for all of it. Qantas is the only airline who direct from Sydney and your best bet. Two full days should be enough to see the main sites. All I can suggest is to check the Qantas website with the exact dates to see the pricing for flights. Qantas also have some package deals on their site.

Depends really on what else you want to see..
Hope this helps a bit…


Also, if you are into luxury travel, you can always hire a company like Encore Cars to take you on tours around Sydney, and you can probably make a deal for them to take you wherever you want in Oz. 🙂 Just saying 😀

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