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Is it worth taking a mobile traveling?

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I really cant decide, should I take a mobile traveling? would it be usfull for internet access and will in work in Thialand>Cambodia>Vietnam>Loas>Australia??? Also will it be expensive, does anyone know the best deals around?

Cheers, Laurie



If you get yourself a cheap PAYG phone that’s unblocked, you can buy a sim in each country. I can’t imagine being anywhere without a phone. The first thing you give out is your number when making new friends, you need it to phone home and most importantly for your own protection. Personally, I wouldn’t take an expensive phone and not too fussed about internet.


to be fair, i hardly used mine, i took it so people coudl contact me in emergencys and checked it occasionally.
but i used skype to contact home mostly apart from in africa, where i did use my phone with a global sim, but again that was only to contact home.
the freedom to not constantly carry and check it is great. if people wanted to contact me i gave them my email or address of hostel i was staying.
its one more thing to get lost/stolen/broken.
when i got home, i was a nightmare no one could get hold of me id got use to not carrying it. that i never carried it, or if i did never heard it ring


I’ve been having the same dilemma – I’m going RTW, so getting a SIM in each country isn’t really feasible as we’ll only be in each country for a few weeks each (unless you can get a SIM that covers all of South America, or all of South East Asia?) … i think we’ll need one as i’m going with my girlfriend, and we want the freedom of not have to stay together 24/7, and so will need to be able to contact each other. Think i might just turn my contract phone PAYG and sup up the costs!


at least get a global sim card then, its much cheaper than always using your british rate. although slightly more expensive that new sim cards in every country
google global sim i cant actualy remeber which one i got.


I’m taking my iphone. This may sound daft but I have it insured separately and the primary reason I’m taking it is Skype! So much cheaper to call home!


When I went I was at the end of my contract so just cancelled and asked for as Pay as you Go Sim Card. I then only really used it for the occasional text home and an alarm clock

However on trips since I have taken my Iphone as has MP3 player, Wifi, games, etc. Though apart from the odd call didn’t use it much. Skype sounds a great bonus on an Iphone, may get it

Though i wouldn’t recommend still paying a UK contract if on a long trip.

I couldn’t be bothered buying a new sim in every country unless in one place for 3 months


i was umming and erring about taking my iphone causa the skype n shizzle but I think i defo will do now =]

CHeers guys =]

p.s. who’re you insured separately with and how much if you don’t mind my asking?

I have an 8GB iPhone 3G


I’m taking my iphone. This may sound daft but I have it insured separately and the primary reason I’m taking it is Skype! So much cheaper to call home!

Yeah 😀 im glad you said this dude!! I was thinking of taking my iphone as I have Skype and calling home will be real cheap!!


You’ve still got to get connected to the internet to use Skype on your iphone though and if you’re roaming this will be ridiculously expensive! I know you can connect to wireless and use it, but most internet cafes are equipped for Skype now anyway!

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