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Is my 60l backpack too big??

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I bought the Berghaus jalan 60 + 10, and I thought it would be perfect for my rtw, but now i’m doing my packing list I’m starting to think its going to be too large…i dont want to take more than 12 kg. What do you think? how big is yours? is it too bad to take it 3/4 or half loaded? should I just get another smaller one??


Just means you have more space to bring things back! 🙂


60l is perfect I think. When I travlled with my 60l it usually weighed between 9 and 12kg!


i think 60ltr should be fine, maybe a little big for me personally, ive got 55ltr, its a 45ltr main sack and 10ltr daypack. its the osprey farpoint, i packed it the other day and i still have loads of room.
but on the upside you can buy stuff to fill it and use that space to bring stuff back.


You should never pack it all up to start with anyway! You are likely to pick up some bits on your way so you’ll need space for that. I travelled with 15-17kg in berghaus’s jalan lux 65 + 20 and it wasn’t too bad but 12kg will defo be more comfortable.


Have a look at my guide here: [url=http://www.gapyear.com/articles/90410/lexi-quintons-guide-to-choosing-a-backpack/1443]http://www.gapyear.com/articles/90410/lexi-quintons-guide-to-choosing-a-backpack/1443[/url]
Check out the section called “What size do I choose? What are ‘litres’?”


Also, if you need helping with the packing list, check out this article – [url=http://www.gapyear.com/articles/120995/packing-list]http://www.gapyear.com/articles/120995/packing-list[/url]


Thanks guys.
Yeah I’ve been reading your guides and all others on the site, they helped me to choose it and I’m also using the packing list. It’s just that I was packing it to moove from UK to Spain (home) the other day, because I’m spending here a month before starting my travels, and I managed to pack a lot on it, and thought I wouldnt need soo much on my travels…and also looks soo big when its fully packed! But I think it will be fine even if it is half empty, so it’s easier to pack it every time and find things!
I’m more relaxed now 🙂 thanks!


I have the exact same backpack, although I haven’t even tried it out yet, and I’m only going for a month! I’m sure it’ll be fine and you don’t always have to have it completely full. At least there will always be room!

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