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Hi guys,
My friend and I are planning a trip to Israel for next year and are looking for some advice. The plan is to be there for about a week and see the country from two or three bases probably Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and either Haifa or Nazareth (for Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights).
First of all, does this seem a sensible way of doing it. I know it’s not a particularly big country so day trips seem reasonable to do.
Also, what’s the situation around Shabbat? Does the entire country shut down or will attractions/restaurants still be open. Basically, should we just plan to be somewhere where we can chill out for that time before moving on afterwards?


I can’t be too helpful, as I went quite a long time ago and did a coach tour (I know, I know).
I was there during Passover, and most things were still open, so I’d imagine it’s the same during Shabbat. That said, I can’t vouch for public transport. It would probably worth trying to time it so you’re in a city and can just chill out.
You’ll have an amazing time, though. Are you going to the Dead Sea?


Probably won’t do the Dead Sea but only because we’ve both been on the Jordanian side.
We found a company that does day trips to the West Bank on Saturdays so we are thinking that might be a good way to pass Shabat. [url=http://abrahamtours.com/tours/best-of-the-west-bank-tour/ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]http://abrahamtours.com/tours/best-of-the-west-bank-tour/[/url]


I went to Israel a few weeks ago and spent a week in Jerusalem, Galilee and Tel Aviv. Absolutely loved all three. I want to go back and spend longer there.
I was there for Shabbat, in Jerusalem, and we had a Shabbat dinner at the Abraham Hostel which is the same company your tour is with. Everyone is invited to join whether you’re staying there or not.
In the day we went round Jerusalem and then went to the big market near Abraham Hostel, which was awesome. People were eating and drinking and having fun. Friday afternoon is THE time to be out for young people, before the evening meal.
I didn’t take any public transport but the roads were fairly busy and people were everywhere so I think you’ll be fine in the afternoon and early evening.
I did a tour of Jerusalem with Abraham Tours which was brilliant, didn’t manage to make it down to the West Bank. Next time.
Let me know if you have any other questions. I loved it there!


Cool, good to know. Thanks Vicky.
What were you highlights of Israel?


I’d definitely say the food – so tasty and healthy and mostly vegetables. And then ATV driving in Galilee was pretty cool too. Rothschild Street in Tel Aviv was cool – that’s where all the freelance laptop hipsters hang out – and Jaffa was a cool place to look around and shop (if you have lots of money!).
I loved cycling around Tel Aviv too. One of the best things we did was to go up to the mountains of Galilee and stay at the Mizpe Hayamim Spa Hotel – that was pretty expensive though!


I’d love to go to Israel. It must’ve been amazing to walk the streets of all the places you heard about at school. I want to go next year and combine it with a trip to Jordan. Did you ever think it was dangerous at all when you were there, or did you feel ok?

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