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Jan/Feb 2018 gap year

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I’m planning my gap year for when I finish school and before university. I’m currently 17 but I will be 18 by the time I plan to travel. There’s a bunch of places I want to go: South America, Sri Lanka, Indonisia, the USA, + (obviously I’m not very decided). I am completely open to suggestions about where to go but I definitely want to be in the UK for Christmas so I know I don’t want to leave before the New Year. It would be great to find people to travel with, even if only for part of the trip!



You mentioned you are open for location suggestions.
If you like technology and think about persuing a tech career some day, I strongly recomend a tech gap year in Israel .
It’s a technologically focused gap year and you get certified in mobile and web app development:exclaim::exclaim::exclaim:

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