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Line up and Laugh…..

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Emmm………i have a problem.Well not really a problem as it is fixable!
However i am doing a trip round Asia in November and a few days on my trip involve riding a bike.Problem being……….
I can’t ride one! Long story.
I will learn before i leave obviously but im not going to be Chris Hoy anytime soon so my question is – has anyone did any cycling in China,Cambodia,Vietnam or Thailand and what sort of level should you really be at? Will i be brething through my arse or gently sucking in the Oriental air?
Cheers folks


I met a guy, Canadian so very enthusiastic and genuinely a nice guy, he was in his mid 60’s and was cycling from Hanoi heading south to Ho Chi Minh, something like 4000km and he’d given himself 3 weeks to do it – he did! 😀
My guess is, take it easy and enjoy the ride and I reckon you can do it, good luck!! 😀


I would, if you have a bike or can borrow one, cycle everyday between now and when you go. Not only do you need to learn beforehand but you’ll be in so much pain if you plan to do a lot of cycling.
If do a massive bike ride it’ll hurt like fuck the next day, but if you plan on cycling again the next day then you’re in trouble – you need to toughen up your bum muscles and the only way to do this is cycle cycle cycle.
I cycle a lot but last year I did a 3 day bike ride in England and I was in agonoy by the third morning.
Good luck!!


I actually got a bike for christmas. Might aswell have got me a Mr frosty,Connect 4 and lego. Was quite embarrasing falling off my bike infront of nosy neighbours at the grand age of 22.But i know im going to have to face my fear and get my arse into gear(excuse the pun).
I don’t want to be the one left behind and holds everyone up! Theres an old railway line in my city i can cycle along.
To be honest im not to sure on how much cycling i will be doing. I presume it’ll be day long excursions.
Better get my wee hat and gloves on. Might even get a bell and some monster munch wheel clickers……


Suggest you heaed to [url=http://www.cycleasia.co.uk/ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]http://www.cycleasia.co.uk/[/url] and chat to Stuart Skinner – who as you’ll see is an expert in this! 😉
You can contact him through the site – welcome to say that I sent you along
Tom Griffiths


Cheers pal. I shall drop him an e-mail. Everyone is really helpfull on here! Im used to forums wheres theres nothing but torrents of abuse hurled around. I suppose the difference being that most people can relate to something in one way or another…….


[quote-0]Everyone is really helpfull on here! Im used to forums wheres theres nothing but torrents of abuse hurled around.[/quote-0]
Can’t ride a bike??? Hahaha, what a twat…


oh Wazza you’re such a funny fucker.


hahaha! Dropped myself into that one. cock.


[quote-0]oh Wazza you're such a funny fucker.[/quote-0]
Thank you, dear cousin. I am indeed fucking hilarious.
Modest too.

I’ve sent you a Facebook message by the way. A serious one for once…

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