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Line up and Laugh…..

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I can now ride a bike. Not very well but at least i have got the old balance sorted out. Step 2 will be staying on it for a period of time longer than a minute.
Then a motorbike.
A ship.
And a space shuttle…..


The Vietcong used to transport weapons and supplies via bikes with tyres filled with grass. This was to avoid being delayed by punctures or being bogged down in wasteland like a tank would.
Hope that helps…..


I am not very sure why but I just had to say YAY WELL DONE on getting the balance right!
good luck for the trip!
and good luck on ur arse muscles!
I want a bike now!


Thanks very much. I have arranged a bike ride on Saturday. That should sort me out. Couple of hours of cycling. Of course that doesn’t include the mandatory 10 minute ciggerette breaks every half an hour.

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