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Message boards: layout

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This is something that’s annoyed me for ages so I thought why not just start another thread … ;-P
Basically, I don’t understand the logic in how the different sections of the message boards are ordered. For example, there’s the ‘countries’ section .. you can click to expand, then you get a random list of countries that aren’t in any particular order (they’re not alphabetical, they’re not done by region or continent), with some countries getting their own separate board and others being shoved in under an umbrella heading e.g. Ecuador has its own board, even though the last time someone posted there was in 2012 and it’s had 66 threads in total, Colombia and Argentina don’t have anything, but there is a general South America board. It doesn’t make any sense! If you check out how countries are ordered on the Thorn Tree forum (run by Lonely Planet) it’s a lot more logical. I get that some countries are more popular for gap years than others (Thailand, Australia etc.), so yes they should have their own board, but more obscure destinations that you know definitely aren’t seeing hordes of gappers probably don’t need this.
The Travel Mates / Meet Up section has far too many sub-categories … plus does anyone really use most of them? Likewise Volunteering etc. In fact, just expanding all of the different sections, there are by far more categories available than are needed / being used.
Look at the UK boards – the ‘help out locally’ section hasn’t had a new post since 2010!! Why [em]is[/em] there even a UK section considering most of the people on here are from the UK and looking to get away?
Honestly, I only come on gapyear.com for the forums. I don’t really look at any of the other content on the site and I imagine it’s probably the same for a lot of people here – it’s nice to be able to ask questions and talk about travelling with what is generally a friendly and knowledgeable group of people, but the layout is far too complicated and I think this could potentially be putting off newbies from signing up.
They need to be streamlined and categorised in a more logical way, reflecting the needs of the community – it’s clear which ones are getting the most action; the others could easily be culled / merged together and no one would mourn their loss.
Anyway, just thought I’d share my opinion as this is something that has been irritating me for a long time (as in, literally years … I’m sure I’ve mentioned this somewhere before!). 😆


I’m in the same boat, which is why I have a new account – I got really frustrated with it ages ago (couple years now I think) and stopped using the site, and then when I was getting ready to travel longterm again it’s one of the more difficult travel forums to navigate so I let it go. It always seemed a bit of a hassle – which is a shame because there is a lot of useful information here, and the people have been extremely helpful (yourself included!). I also would be more inclined to help people as finding the threads that are relevant to my experiences would be easier when I’ve been unable to check for a period of time.
Slightly off-topic, but I haven’t been able to properly add the countries visited to my profile either.


Hey guys,
Yeah it’s a really fair point, something we’ve all been aware of for ages but keep putting it on the back burner. I’ve been working at GY HQ for more than a year now but I STILL hesitate when trying to post – not a good sign!
Have decided to make fixing it next month a priority – so for now try to grin and bear it, won’t be long! 🙂


Bravo! New layout is looking good


Thanks man, much appreciated! We’ve had a big push to get these sorted before Christmas so really pleased to have everything out! There are quite a few new boards now as well 🙂

bernice stockstill

Thanks a lot for all this information) it is really helpful)

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