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Mexico City v Bogota for Spanish Course

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I recently booked a one-way flight to Mexico City with the intention of learning Spanish there and travelling South through Guatemala to meet friends in Honduras.
However, recently there was a horrific kidnapping of a Spanish girl – where the ransom was paid and she was killed anyway – and now my family really don’t want me to go there.
I know the rest of Mexico is beautiful but I really wanted to learn Spanish in a big city, so I am thinking of learning in (slightly safer?) Bogota instead and then flying to Honduras to do the trip in reverse, but only as far as Cancun…
Does anyone have recent experience learning Spanish in Mexico City or Bogota? Any advice at all? I can already get by in present tense, but want to get better. Thanks!


I’ve never taken Spanish lessons in either city, but after living in Mexico City for a year and visiting Bogota for two weeks, I can easily say Mexico City is BY FAR much safer than Bogota.
I never once experienced a bad situation in Mex, however in Bog someone tried to rob me, a Brazilian guy got knifed in the shoulder, and a guy from Cyprus got robbed by the police (all in the space of two weeks, and these stories just from our hostel). And this was all in the centre where the bars and restaurants are. When the sun goes down in Bogota it’s unsafe in the streets.
On the other hand I found Mex City was very safe, in El Centro/Condesa/Coyoacan where most people live and have fun. Of course there are some areas you shouldn’t go to, but then there’s no reason to go there anyway. And there’s sooo much more to do in Mexico City as well, with museums, festivals, ruins, volcanoes, day trips, (and the food of course!).
Definitely recommend sticking to your plan, Mexico is awesome 🙂


Thanks that really helps!

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