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Month-long Mumbai to Goa

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Hey Guys!
Me and my friend are planning on going to India in the summer ’13 and are looking at flying into Mumbai then getting the train down to Goa (taking like a month for the whole trip).
What I really am asking is anyone know of anywhere good to stay in Mumbai?
Obviously got to go to the Taj Mahal – any recommendations to stay near there?
And how did the females among you get along travelling in India alone?
This will be my first time to India – but I’ve done Singapore, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, America, Morocco and Egypt on my own before so not so worried about that side of things!!!
Thanks in advance for any pointers 🙂


Do you mean the Taj Mahal hotel or the Taj Mahal?


I meant the actual one not a hotel! I do realise this is way closer to Delhi and plans are definitely flexible…just kinda getting a feel for other people’s experiences i guess


My knowledge of India is a bit rusty; I was there is 2004. Generally, I think the accommodation in Mumbai is crap and overpriced. If you’re on a budget then I think the best option is the Salvation Army Red Shield Hostel in Colaba. It’s in a great central location and is very cheap for Mumbai. It’s definitely nothing special, but then you’re not paying special prices. All the other budget accommodation you pay much more for and still don’t get much for your money.
If you make it to Agra then you’re in luck, as the budget accommodation is close to the Taj Mahal and many have rooftop/upper room views of the Taj (unlike the expensive tourist accommodation which is miles away), I think we stayed in the Camel Hotel, but it might have been next door. For a couple of pounds we had a basic room with a view of the Taj Mahal and a rooftop terrace and cafe with cheap tasty grub.
A month isn’t a lot of time for India and you’re going to struggle to get to Agra if you’re flying in and out of Mumbai. Not so far from Mumbai are the Ajanta and Ellora Caves which I never made it too but are a Unesco world heritage site and supposed to be amazing. If you’re heading to Goa you could also checkout Hampi. You could consider travelling a bit further south and seeing the backwaters of Kerala. In fact, a really good month could be spent travelling through Goa and Kerala, flying into Mumbai and out of Trivandrum.


[quote-0 author="Pigl3t" date="1350647087"]I meant the actual one not a hotel! I do realise this is way closer to Delhi and plans are definitely flexible...just kinda getting a feel for other people's experiences i guess[/quote-0]
I drove from Jaisalmer to Kochi (3000km) in a Tuk Tuk earlier this year, so I’ve seen plenty of India.
If you want to see Agra (the Taj), then fly from Mumbai. Want to see ‘real’ India? Head to places like Ahmedabad for horrific pollution and unrelenting squalor.
Goa isn’t really a true reflection of India, but it’s certainly a welcome relief.
As you can probably gather from my tone, India was not my favourite place in the world. That said, I can understand the desire to see it.


To be honest I read this as the trip being a month to get from Mumbai to Goa. Which would have been a great trip going down the coast.
Have you tought abouut flying into Dehli and out of Mumbai? That way you could do the little goldne triangle i think they call it then train down to Mumbai etc.
The Salvation army hostel in Mumbai is a great place to people and the only really cheap place in Colaba these days. But you run a VERY HIGH RISK of getting bed bugs.


Hi guys,
I want to visit the tij and chill out in Goa, if im flying into Mumbai does it matter which i do 1st?

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