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Need info/advice on cheap volunteer work in the Seychelles!

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Hey All,

I’m looking to volunteer in the Seychelles for a few months but I’d strongly prefer not to go through a gimmicky program that charges several thousand dollars.. I’ve spent a some time in Africa before and I want to do actual work… I know there are organizations that accept real volunteers (i.e. not just expensive programs that are essentially for tourists looking to feel good about themselves). Obviously I’ll pay travel expenses but it’d be great if I could find somewhere with real work and free room and board, or at least free room.

If anyone has any advice or connections in the Seychelles, I’d love to hear it!! Obviously it’s hard to get a good idea of what’s there from across the world 🙂

Sidenote: I’d prefer conversation/marine biology related work but I’m willing to do pretty much anything


Hey Rick,

Have you heard of Workaway? I did it a few years ago in Europe and had a great time. They might have some projects in the Seychelles. You just need to work 5 hours a day in return for bed and board and they have some really cool projects on there.

Take a look.

I just did and actually spent an hour on there looking at Belize. Oops.

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