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Need travel advice

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Hello world! My name is Joe and as of January 2019 i will be travelling the world alone! I know that i want to go to New Zealand, then Australia and hopefully make my way up to Thailand but i want to know the best ways to do this, the best ways to meet people and anything else that i will need to know. Thanks x


Hi Joe. That’s a wide topic and a lot of ground to cover. M]You can explore my articles online for advice on Australia 🙂


Hi joe, I want to do this alone too but would prefer somebody to go with! Want to go ASAP so message on fb EmilySpike and we can discuss further x


Thailand is one of the most considerable places to visit and stay and i got the chance to choose one in between Dubai & Thailand i would go to Dubai first then Thailand because i consider Dubai is the most beautiful place. I have visited this several time and enjoyed every trip of my mine to Dubai. My second choice would be Thailand which is beautiful in both ways of people and nature around.

I suggest that you make a list of the places that you would like to visit Thailand then as we all know that the things and other will be having a typical cost to buy which you may or may not get in the budget.

Once after knowing the budge then plan the budget well then make sure that you do spend according to the plan over there as it is very much important while travelling alone that too in Thailand. Spend amount on hotel bookings & flight ticket bookings very less so that you won’t miss money in unnecessary places.

If you have any questions then you definitely have to read that most suggestable article that people published online. Go for it and enjoy your trip.


Hello Joe, one good advice about travelling, is always do your research about the places you intend on travelling to. Make enquiries about how safe the places are, what the people there are like, the climate, how cheap or expensive these places are; the religious, social and cultural practices that go on there. For affordable and safe hotel accommodations around the world, check out Timbu . Thank me later.


good travels and thailand is a good choice, try exploring the north especially the isan province for more of a local scene. on the capital bangkok a lot of tourist spots and other “spots” where thai women and lady boys will try squeeze money out of you.

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