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Newbie needing advise!

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i guys, need help/ advice.
Am 18 and looking to go travelling for the first time. would love to see Thailand but dont have any set plans..
this is because im rubbish at making a plan!
would love to hop on a plane and just turn up, but have been advised this may not been the safest thing for me hahaha!
i really want to speak to people who have done it before/ or looking too.
Anyone want to come with me haha!
am looking to go around middle feb time 2018.
Questions that any fabulous person would like to help me out with!
1. Is it easy to meet people to continue travel with?
2.What places in Thailand to avoid at all costs (safety)
3.Best places to see! would love top see beautiful waterfalls, great parties and just making great memories!
4.You’re favourite hostels!
not bothered about luxury or anything like that, places you guys think are safe, great locations ans great for meeting people!
5. how much planning is this going to take me. feel really daunted by it all but don’t want to go with a travel company as heard this is mega bucks!!
6. Any travel essentials?


I have been thinking about going travelling for a while and have started to plan some things towards it and would be happy to share what i have found so far but don’t want to do too much.
I am planning on doing the 2018 Mongol Rally and would need to save more before travelling for a length of time but I’m struggling to find a job at the moment


the really looks amazing! but expenses look huge for enerfting getting cars there and back ect ect i can see why you are worried about money ahha!
what sort of things have you planned? would love to hear 🙂


I’ve looked at various items to take and thought about what could be done to help with the costs and what to split (probably between 3 / 4 people per team) to help try to reduce the overall cost per person
I can send you the information to look at if you want


Hi there!
Try it with a trip to the south. you find there very nice beaches and [url=clubchampagnephuket.com rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]realy romantic boat trips[/url] to attend.

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