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Overland Africa Autumn 2008

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Anyone thinking of doing an Overland Club ~2 month journey like ‘Classic Overland’ or ‘Great African Trail’, or can suggest a better company to go with?

Planning to head off October time. It would be cool to find people to plan with and meet before setting out. Also that company does group discounts so booking with other people would be even better! :oP


DO NOT BOOK WITH THE OVERLAND CLUB!!! Trust me I speak from personal experience! Also check this site: http://www.overlandwarning.com. More sites should put out warnings about this company!


I am using Oasis Overland and they leave at the start of November, but they have many tours. Try http://www.oasisoverland.co.uk

I have heard pretty bad reviews of Overland Club.



I am doing an overland tour in November – it is called the southern explorer from Nairobi to Capetown. It is run by Africa Travel Co and I think many companies must sell the tour. I booked through Escape4Africa and spoke to a guy called Andrew Walton who was really helpful and I notice they have a variety on their website.

http://www.africanoverlandtours.com/ – may be worth checking out?

Hope this helps 😀



I am doing the same tour as ‘Travellingteres’ as well (starting 18th Jan 09) however I booked it straight through http://www.africatravelco.com. Many companies do sell this tour and I think its very popular.

Hopefully you will choose the right one – it took me about a month to find the right one! 🙂


Hey guys I’ve just finished an overland tour through Africa and had a good time but personally I struggled with the schedule part of the trip. If you’ve done any kind of independant travel yourself you may find it difficult to get into the routine of someone telling you what time you will get up in the morning, what time you’ll have breakfast and where to be at any specific time. Plus you have no choice over where you stay and how long you will be in a specific place so if you find somewhere you love you have to leave when the tour specifies. Just something to think about depending on the type of travel you like. Like I said though I had a good time (although I only did it for three weeks). Overlanding can be great fun but dont do it if your not a team player or get easily annoyed with people as you’ll be on the same truck 24-7 basically with the same people for weeks on end.

In terms of companies I went with Absolute Africa who I can highly recommend, also a lot of our tour ran side to side with an Accacia truck which seemed pretty similar and also Nomads is supposed to be quite good. We came across one ATC truck who had a weird mixture of people on it (much of an older crowd) and their guide was a complete idiot but that could have been just that individual tour. Tucan also run a company called Budget Expiditions who we met but when I spoke to a few of the people on that truck they said that although the inital cost was low they had to pay for a lot of stuff themselves.


Thanks for all the advice. I decided to put off the travelling as I got a job offer. Have now booked with Absolute Africa and due to depart March 2009. Bit of a ‘now or never’ situation, a little anxious about preparations, flights, accom etc, but excited.

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