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Overlanding Africa

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Hey everyone! I’m in my last year of College, and when i’m done i’m heading for an awesome gap year. I’ve been thinking about taking and overland tour with absolute Africa or oasis. Does anyone have some good advices? Anyone ever tried it? I’m also a bit scared to end up as the only young one on the trip..? Shall i find a travel mate ? Oh well, i hope some of you guys can help me figure it out!


Chances are you’ll be one of the youngest on the trip, but that’s not a bad thing. When I went travelling at 18 I was the youngest on my trip by a good few years, but all of us under 40 just clicked really well and age wasn’t an issue. There was someone less mature than me who was in her 50s, so see age really didn’t count for much!
I’ve not overlanded in Africa but my brother went with Dragoman and had an amazing time. I also looked into it and they seemed to have some of the best trips.
My advice would just be to look at what’s included and what’s not when comparing companies, as there is not much more in it. Try to go for the most game drives or safaris, so you get a better chance of seeing more wildlife and getting amazing pictures!


I’ve never been on an overland trip but Oasis overland, Dragoman and Absolute Africa seem to be good companies.


Haha – see, my husband and I are worried about being the oldest ones there! I’ll be twenty-eight by the time we get to Africa, and he’ll be thirty-two/three.
It seems as though we’ve got nothing to worry about on that score. 😀


I travelled with Absolute Africa in Kenya and Tanzania and thought they were a great company. Being local it seemed ethically right too! I travelled with Dragoman in South America and wasn’t very pleased with their overfilling of the truck in order to get more money and leave us with just one guide who was also the driver .. poor bloke!
I am currently based in Cape Town and am hoping to do the Cape Town to Victoria Falls overland trip. Nomad seems to be the most popular being a local (although massive!) company so I think I will be going with them this time. Previous experiences have shown that you can never guarantee you will have a good crowd on the truck but it is very rare not to get along with at least a couple of people. In South America I was the youngest at 20 and the oldest were in their 60’s and we got on like an absolute house on fire I love them to pieces and am still in touch with them 5 years on! You shouldn’t worry too much about the group – they will be what they will be and I am sure you will make the most of the situation however it ends up. I don’t think there is much between the prices so that’s not usually much of a sway but I personally would recommend Absolute Africa and (hopefully) Nomad to keep the local economies up!
Good luck and let us know what you decide!

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