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Peru proof of exit?

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I’m off to Lima on September on a one way ticket, and although I’ve looked it up and EU nationals are able to get a visa on arrival, I’ve also read that foreign visitors must have proof of onward travel or a return ticket.
Does anyone know if this applies to ALL foreign visitors or just those who cannot get a visa on arrival? Apparantly it is the airlines which enforce this rather than the immigration officials.
I’m guessing it’s quite popular for people to fly into Lima and be leaving from a different country? Was just wondering if anyone knew if this was going to be an issue because I have absolutely no proof of onward travel? But if it is going to be an issue at the airport before we’ve even left London, I would happily buy a cheap onward ticket….if it’s not going to be an issue though would rather not be constrained by a flight!
Absolutely any help on this would be much appreciated!


I went to Peru in May only for 2 weeks though. Nobody asked my prior to getting on the plane about exit tickets and how long I might be staying.
However, when I go to Peru they asked me how long I was staying and how much money I had access to. I don’t remember showing a return ticket, or any evidence of the money I said I had. Maybe they didn’t see the need for further questions because I was only staying for a short time.


It’s probably not helpful but I travelled overland into, and out of, Peru back in 2009 and I wasn’t asked on entry about plans for exit.
I don’t think it would be a major problem at the airport; perhaps someone can tell you otherwise. I would perhaps suggest that you Google around for some more info add ‘blog’ to the end of your search query for first hand experience stories.
Maybe it would be worth creating an ‘itinerary’ with some bus times/company names as ‘proof’ of exit if the airline staff ask. They aren’t going to verify it, but it might be worth having something to produce.
When you arrive you’ll be given a white ‘tarjeta de embarque’ (arrival card) which you must keep hold of and produce when you exit the country, as if you lose it you can get fined.
Have an amazing time in Peru, it’s one of my favourite countries.


Thanks for your replies. Very useful to hear neither of you had a problem. Think I’ll wait out on booking any onward journey for now and see what happens. Worst case scenario if I have to book a least minute flight at the airport it will probably save 48 hours on a bus somewhere. Was just being cautious, as an airline insisted I buy an onward ticket before they would let me on a flight to Kuala Lumpur a few years ago, and didn’t want the same thing to happen if I could be prepared for it! Hopefully will all go smoothly…just can’t wait to get there now!


We will be arriving in Peru in January too, and again I have been wondering about this proof of exit thing.
I was hoping that they ask you in order to make sure you have left the country before the 90 (?) day visa runs out. With this in mind, I was also hoping that proof of our flight out of Rio, in March, would be enough proof but who knows.
Please do let us know how you get on

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